School History

The official opening date of Clifton Terrace School is historically uncertain. The first mention in the Nelson Central  Education Board's records is in 1856, although it may have been in existence for some years.

The 125th Jubilee was held in 1982  ( 23 years after the centennial ) meaning that the official opening of Clifton Terrace School is put at 1856.


In 1860 the board granted £5 to the Suburban North School Committee to rebuild a school. Since the original small wooden structure was erected, Clifton Terrace School has been rebuilt twice. In 1878 a complete new building was erected and in 1892 additions were made.

The "old" Rooms one and two were built in 1927 to house the sudden increase in the school roll caused by the closure of a nearby school called Hillside. These rooms were replaced in 1989. Clifton Terrace was a sole teacher school until 1923 when a second teacher was appointed. This remained steady until 1966 when it had three teachers, four in 1969 and then eight in 1972 going up to nine in 1974.


The roll has steadily grown throughout the 1980s and 1990s with eight new classrooms being built since 1989, as well as a hall in 1998 and a new administration area in 1999. Our library underwent a major upgrade in 2001.

Clifton Terrace School 1938 - 1939


The school baths also have an interesting history. Prior to 1958 the children were bussed daily for three weeks at a cost of one shilling and six pence return per day (1957) to the Hampden Street school baths for instruction.


During 1957 the school committee raised funds with the help of a £ for £ subsidy from the government and constructed our present baths. These were completed early 1958 and opened in April 1958 (at the end of the season!!) by the then local MP Mr Stanley Whitehead.


In October 2006, Clifton Terrace celebrated 150 years of education on this site.  A commemorative plaque was inlaid on the marble rock outside the hall.