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You know all the hard routes to fundraising – quizzes, raffle events etc.  We raise amazing dollars for our schools and in one foul swoop it goes – to a court, a pool cover, new equipment.

We have a plan.  A plan to make that hard earned fundraising dollar go further, forever.

The Clifton Terrace School Endowment Fund.

What it is and what it means for Clifton Terrace…

The Clifton Terrace Endowment fund is one of a few of its kind for Primary Schools in New Zealand.

While funding from the government is satisfactory, schools, especially high decile schools like Clifton Terrace are finding it increasingly difficult to ensure budgetary requirements are met.  Hence the need for extra fundraising.  The Equity Index introduced in 2022 to replace school deciles has not made it any easier.

For example, Clifton Terrace School is not eligible for the School Donations Exemption, which is a school our size, means missing out on around $45,000.  This is only one example.

The goal of the endowment fund is to enable the donations and many fundraising efforts by the staff, students and parents to “last” – to take some of the strain off finding ways to raise money each year, by working smarter.

Funds raised by the endowment fund will contribute to the current school students in the form of spending for needed equipment, maintenance, classroom supplies, extended curriculum otherwise unaffordable, school trips etc.  It will also enable early-age financial literacy as the CTS Endowment Fund, and how it works, becomes part of the school curriculum and encourages a wealth mindset for students.

It will also work in perpetuity to enable Clifton Terrace School to have money set aside to be invested and create on-going growth of the fund.  This will be managed by the Top of the South Community Foundation and each year, in conjunction with the board, they will set aside funds to be spent and funds to be invested.

We’re excited to bring this to the school, creating a fund that will benefit the students now and forever in the future.

On-going protection by the form of a Memoradum of Intent has been put in place to ensure that the Endowment Fund will always benefit Clifton Terrace students – this means that a new principal or board cannot change how this CTS fund is intended to work.


Clifton Terrace School feels very lucky to have been able to set this up due to a generous donation by a current Clifton Terrace family.  

Without their support and encouragement this would not have been possible and together we hope to pave the way and become one of the many primary schools in New Zealand adopting this method of plugging the funding gaps and benefitting children for years to come.

How to Donate

 Follow this link:  https://www.topsouthfoundation.org.nz/funds/clifton-terrace-school/

Every donation to the Clifton Terrace Endowment Fund will be acknowledged (anonymously if needed) on the Endowment Tree, located in the school hall.  

We all build this together!

Contact Details

Have more questions?

Clifton Terrace School

Phone: +64 03 545 0532

Email: [email protected]

Top of the South Community Foundation: 027 856 9752

Email:  [email protected]


We are aiming to raise $50,000 by May 2023 – if successful an anonymous donor has pledged to match this with another $50,000.  

Effectively, your donation will double if we can hit this target – thank you for your support!