Senior Camp & Orientation Week

Our senior syndicate have a camp every 2 years and an orientation week every alternative year.  

This is a great time where we all get to know each other, make new friendships and build great relationships in our classes and across our syndicate.  

The camp experience is an important one for all students so that they can build on their independence. This is important especially as it is often the first time some students have been away from home for 3 nights & 4 days and this in itself for some students, can be quite challenging.  

Camp also provides a great chance for students to build many skills, including leadership, survival, problem solving, aquatic, and many more.

The orientation week is a new part of our programme and allows the entire syndicate to get together and complete a range of fun and challenging activities across a week, in school and around Nelson.  It is also a wonderful time for students to get to know all other students across the syndicate.  The same skills that we learn on camp are also included in this week, just in a different way.

Middle Syndicate Camp

Every year the Middle Syndicate has an overnight camp at school.

Our aim for this sleepover is to allow our students to enjoy camping in a safe and friendly environment which can be quite a challenge for some children who have never spent a night away from home.  

We also have 2 days packed full of great experiences for students to get involved in that include physical demands, outdoor skills and co-operation.  Students will also  develop a responsibility for personal safety and organisation.