Chess Club

At CTS  we have a huge bunch of students that love playing chess.  Our chess club meets each week and all students from beginner to advanced are welcome.  

Students have the opportunity to participate in the interschool chess competition – usually held at Clifton Terrace, where they compete against other schools in our regions.  Students have the opportunity to win badges and medals and then go on to compete in the Regional Chess Competition.

This years competition saw many students receiving multiple badges for things like fastest checkmate as well as medals for age group winners.

Congratulations to all our chess players who played in the Nelson Junior Regional tournament!  They showed Respect by following the rules of the game, Inclusiveness by welcoming the other schools, Sustainablity by helping to set up and put away the equipment and Excellence by persevering through difficult games.  All 4 RISE values achieved!

We had four schools competing with 65 players in all.  Special mentions go to Zack Voyce and Summer Botes who came 1st and 4th respectively in the Junior Standings.  George Miller and Jasmine Rowse came 1st and 3rd in the Rookie’s section.

Victory School came out on top for both team events with Clifton Terrace coming second for both.  Mahi pai koutou!

Chess Club is now back, open to all every Tuesday lunchtime in Room 1 with experienced players helping out the newbies. 

Click the image below to learn to play!