Fun Day Thursday’s

Every Thursday we are lucky enough to have some specialised teachers and helpers come in and take our classes for targeted learning in different curriculum and learning areas.

These areas are Art, Music, Science and Gardening.

Each class will get one term with each of the areas.


Mr Science (Sterling) as a specialist science teacher, brings a wonderful amount of learning to our classrooms and one our students look forward to each week.  They love learning about science in the fun and engaging way that Mr Science brings to his lessons.  

For more information about Mr Science, check out his website linked below.


Fiona is our specialist music teacher and runs a fun program with the children that allows them to learn more about beat, rhythm, percussion, reading music and using a range of instruments to create musical pieces.


Our specialist art teacher is Heather, who also teaches within the school.

Classes get the opportunity to learn a wide range of art techniques and skills to create amazing pieces of work.  Students are also encouraged to express themselves freely, to put their own spin on the artwork and give everything a go whether they see themselves as an artist or not.



The lovely Leonora couldn’t stay away, after retiring from being the school caretaker this year, she has come back to continue working with classes and groups of children in the school garden.

Children get to learn about edible gardens, planting seeds, maintaining gardens and more.