Throughout the school, children have the opportunity to be coached in, and play, various sports.  In many cases inter-school competitions are arranged.  These activities are often modified versions of the adult games listed, as well as a range of other experiences as time, personnel and opportunity present themselves.

We also have whole school competitive events such as the Triathlon, Cross Country and Syndicate Swimming Sports.

This year 2022 due to covid restrictions, classes ran their own triathlon’s which provided a lot of fun and laughter too.

Summer Sports

  • Softball
  • T.Ball
  • Swimming
  • Small Ball Games
  • Cricket
  • Gymnastics
  • Athletics

Winter Sports

  • Netball
  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Hockey
  • Large Ball Games
  • Mini-Ball / Basketball
  • Cross Country
Parents are sometimes asked to provide transport so that children can benefit from participation in inter-school games with children of their own age group.  Assistance with coaching is also appreciated.

At CTS we have a great bunch of children who have an amazing ‘give it a go’ attitude towards sport!  

Not only is PE & sport taught in classes as part of our curriculum but our amazing sports co-ordinator Wendy is instrumental in allowing our students to get involved, have a go and compete in many different sporting competitions.

Message from Wendy:

Please make sure you do the following so that your child has the best sporting opportunity possible:

  • Complete any permission slips and return to the school / Wendy ASAP
  • Check our FACEBOOK page for updates on game times, days, cancellations, postponements etc
  • Make sure you let Wendy know ASAP if you can be a parent help or if you can’t make it, so that she can organise other parents.