Student Leaders

Every year the Year 6 students at CTS have an opportunity to apply to become Student Leaders.  Students need to show leadership/leadership potential, enthusiasm, motivation, creative ideas for activities, time management, maintain the school RISE values and want to expand their own horizons.

Student’s have the opportunity to be involved in many different things at CTS as seen below and also much more.

Students run lunchtime Physical Activities and Clubs for other students across the school.  These activities range from a sports, games, art, māori stick games, buddy activities, and more.

Student leaders can be seen out in the playground wearing yellow hi-viz vests so that other students know who they are.  They are also there to provide support to students who may not have someone to play with.

Student Leaders run our whole school assemblies, organising the items and checking in with teachers for notices.  

They do a fantastic job and it is a great opportunity for them to gain more confidence, leadership and organisational skills.

CTS KIDS News is a video created at least once a term by the Student Leaders.  It is organised and planned by the leaders and they go around the school collecting student voice about events that have happened in the school, interview staff, and share any news they would like to share about CTS.