We have a fantastic pool which is well heated. All children are expected to participate in the swimming programme in their classes.

All children should bring:

  • togs,
  • a towel (clearly named)
  • goggles (also named) 
  • Swim bag 

Each class teacher will let you know what days your child will be swimming.

Swimming runs from November to March.

As swimming is part of our curriculum when it is necessary for your child to be excused from swimming, please send a note to the classroom teacher to explain the reason why.


A FUN event that we have is also a MID WINTER DIP!  This is a great occasion where we challenge ourselves to take a dip in winter!   Some of us also dress up for the challenge…you can be certain the staff involved do😜

Everyone is treated to a hot milo afterwards and we encourage parents to join in the fun too!

Over our summer months swimming season we also allow a key to be hired for entry to the pool areas. 

If you choose to hire a key you can pop into the office to fill out the form.

There are only a limited number of keys given out so you have to be quick 😃


The Pattison Swim School also run swimming lessons after school a few days a week.  

More information about this can be found on their facebook page.