A Bee of a Day

In all my time at CTS, I have never seen what I saw today. Around midday there was a frenzy of activity (and that was only the children!) On the Top Court there was a great buzzing of hundreds of honey bees that were swarming. Quite quickly they moved out onto the rock area on the field and started to set up home. The children were enthralled but commonsense prevailed and they had to spend the lunch hour in another area of the school.

A beekeeper was engaged to get them into one of his hives and away from the playground. This in itself was no mean feat, as he had to find and entice the queen away from the rock and into the hive, hoping that the other bees would follow. After about two hours it looked as though it would be successful although he could not be sure until dusk when he was hoping that they would all move into their new dwelling.

An interesting and informative little interlude. It would have been nice if the hive could have stayed on site and we could have had CTS honey on our sammies!

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