Senior Syndicate Abseiling Trip

From the 11-13 of October the senior syndicate went to Cable Bay for the day. We were separated into two different groups. One group went to the right side of Cable Bay to explore the rock pools while the other group went to the left side to do some rock climbing and abseiling. The rock pools were very interesting to explore as there were lots of little critters, crabs and fish. We were set a task to find any sea creatures, identify them and sketch them in our art books. We all had a great time exploring the rock pools and learning about the rock pool creatures. I enjoyed the rock pools as I don’t normally get to have a look at the pools. After the first group had finished we walked back to the grass area, had some lunch and waited for the other group to come back. SWITCH TIME! Once we had all got our bags and hats we headed over to the other activity. Rock climbing and abseiling were amazing! We had a safety talk first, and then got into groups of three. The person who was climbing got attached to the ropes and the person who was controlling the ropes got harnessed up. Now we started climbing! Once the climber went up as high as they wanted they called down to the person below to let them down slowly. Then the person abseiled down and then the next person had a turn. As well as rock climbing we did straight abseiling. We did a practice abseil down a small but rocky slope. Once completing this activity, we headed over to the waiting area to go down the wall. Once we got up to the top of the wall the person at the top told us what would happen. We had to lean back as far as we could then slowly walked our way down the wall. It was rather scary when you had to lean back as it felt very terrifying knowing that there are big rocks below you. When the day was over we walked back to the cars, did a headcount and then drove back to clifton terrace. I think the whole senior syndicate had a great experience with the rock climbers.

Abseiling -By Taylor

Have you ever thought about dangling off a cliff face with nothing but a harness and rope attached to you and your friends below? Well that’s what I did. All of the senior syndicate went abseiling off a cliff face in Cable Bay on October the 11. It was scary just the thought of it, off the side of a cliff with just a harness and rope attached to you. I know you must be thinking you’re crazy what on earth are you doing? But no I assure you we were safe. Although………………… If we had dropped only one person could save us and that person was the third person. The third person had the rope wrapped round their waist and at any time of emergency could tug the the rope and stop you from falling any further. Well unless they were talking to the person next to them. We did do rock climbing but I didn’t get very high because I was afraid of falling. This was definitely a terrifying experience.

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