Gymnastic Report

At the beginning of term 3, senior children were given an opportunity to join the senior gymnastics club. They had a few weeks to decide whether they wanted to be part of the school gymnastics team to take part in the primary schools gymnastic competition.

Throughout term 3, those children dedicated one lunchtime and a portion of the same afternoon to gymnastics. Term 4 got a whole lot busier. We started extra practices before school and morning tea was available for those who wanted to put some extra time in, along with extra lunchtimes. The children worked exceedingly hard. We had children who had done very little gymnastics, if any, to children who took part of our CTS gymnastic team last year or those who do gymnastics as a sport. It is always a really big commitment for all of the children, as it is not just about their own individual effort but also a team effort. Most children were in teams of 4 so all marks got added together. We had two competitive children, one individual child and ten teams.

The children all competed extremely well and were well behaved throughout each of the two days competitions. There were four apparatus competed in by all children. The only difference between the boys and girls events was that the boys did conditioning while the girls had the beam. There was also bar, floor and vault. Each level had a slightly different routine per apparatus.

Below are the results the of both competition days.

Level 1 Girls Team: 3rd, Hayley, Erin, Bea & Ivy Individual: 2nd, Bea

Level 1 Boys Team: 2nd, Micah, Bailey, Bayley & Ben

Level 2 Girls Team: 2nd, Ruby C, Ruby F, Grace D & Elle

3rd, Keira l, Ella G, Sophie & Hayley Individual: 3rd Ruby C

Level 2 Boys Team: 1st, Stanley, Ziv, Sebastian & Mikey Individual: 2nd, Mikey

Level 3 Girls Team: 1st, Lola, Phoebe, Ella D & Hester

Individual: 1st Lola, 2nd Ella D

Level 3 Boys Team: 1st, Adam, Max, Cosmo & Tom

Individual: 1st, Max

2nd, Cosmo

3rd, Tom

Competitive Boys: Matthew

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