Aqua Bots

Aqua Bots

By Tui & Amelia Rm10

On the 14th August the some of the children who did the science certificate got together and got into two teams with 5 people in each and started making the Aqua bots.

An Aquabot is an underwater robot. It is made out of pipes and it has three motors, one goes up and down the other goes right and the last one goes left. It also has sponge on the top to help it float. Some people use them to look under the water to see the underwater sea life or to study different types of things. An Aquabot is also used in an Aquabot competition they go in an underwater obstacle course.

We started the day where each team had all the tools laid out on the table and we also had instructions as well as the materials that we needed.

First we started making our Aqua Bots with the help of other people in our group and we had to do lots of different things like measuring, cutting, drilling, soldering and lots of other stuff. We also had a remote to control it. By lunchtime we had finished making our Aqua bots.

When we got back from lunch we were told that we were going to test them in the pool and we could also add things so that it could pick up hoops. After we got to the pool we put our Aqua bots in and spent the rest of the afternoon racing the other team. We all took turns at controlling the Aqua bots and we had to go through hoops and race to the end of the pool.

It was really enjoyable making and playing with the Aqua bots and we can’t wait till the competition.

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