I Don't Belieeeve It

November 22, 2017

I don't believe how quickly this term is racing by!!.  We have been doing some fantastic things here on The Terrace, so many in fact it's hard to keep track!  Her is a run down of a few.


Chess: Recently four of our boys, Charlie, Mikey, Dallas and Troy, represented CTS at a national chess tournament in Hamilton.  Other schools had three or four teams entered to our one.  So we were very proud of our boys 13th place.  Mikey and Dallas won four individual games. The boys all worked well as a team. A big thanks to the parents who assisted the team.

 Coral Art

We recently had two visitors to our school to take us through some environmental science that we could apply to an art form.

A marine biologist explained to us about the different types of coral we have in our waters, both deep and shallow.  An artist then showed us how to make coral using rope.  These will be added to a local sculpture she is creating that will be exhibited in 2018 here in Nelson.  Here are some of our creations.