WOW..the year is almost done!

The year is almost done! AND along with many others I ask myself where has it gone??? Once again it has just flown by. This is possibly due that we are always fully and actively involved here on the Terrace and time just flies by unnoticed or Maui's flax ropes are failing and he needs to go and sort it out again! How Maui Slowed The Sun.

On Friday we had our annual end of year certificate presentations. Thanks to all the children who have helped out at school in the office, library, as monitors etc. Also, congratulations to all the sports recipients.

Here are a few photos. Check out our photo gallery for a full coverage.

This time of the year is often a time to say goodbye to staff as well as children. This year we are farewelling Nick. Nick has been at our school for five year now and has decided to call it quite on his teaching career. Nick and his family are moving to the deep south to begin a new phase of their lives. We wish Nick, Trish and Peat all the best for their future. Thanks Nick for all the care and nurturing you have given to the children in your care, thanks for all the effort you have put into the enviroschool aspect of CTS, you have made a difference and thank you for all the smiles you have bought to us with your puns, endless whistling, good humour and your individuality. All the best Mate.

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