Done and Dusted awesome year!

What an incredible end to a great year. Tinged with sadness however. Firstly congratulations to all the Year six leavers and especially to all the cup winners.

Charlie -Gill Cup for the top boy.

Rosie -MacGillivray Cup for the top girl

Holly F -Kapa Haka

Stan -the John Goodman Cup for top sports boy

Ruby and Eden -The Trish Goodman Cup for the top sports girls

Plus we had a new cup this year. This went to Kate.

We wish you all future success not only with your academic journey but wherever life may lead you. Make good choices and remember fondly of your days at CTS.

We also farewelled a staff member at the end of the year too. This is always a sad time and this year was no different with Nick, a well loved and respected teachers resigning and moving his family down to Riverton, Southland. Nick has been a valued and skilled teacher on our staff for the last five years. During this time he has devoted a lot of his energy into his passion for the environment. Nick has been responsible for assisting and then running our school on its Enviroschool journey. Good luck Nick with your future. We all hope it works put well for you as you enter an new and unknown phase of your life. We will miss your 'quirky' dress sense, your come and go face fuzz, your sense of humour and of course endless ability to whistle!!

Finally, thanks to all the staff right across our school life for your professionalism, enthusiasm and devotion to making our school a great place for children to learn and play in and for us to work in. A big thanks to parents and supporters of the school and of course, the great kids here on The Terrace.

Merry Christmas to you all and all the best for 2018

(photos coming soon)

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