Unbelievable! Gosh! Where has the term disappeared to? We seem to have raced through the term and already the holidays are looming!

Much has happened her on The Terrace. Two school camps have come and gone. Room's six and seven had a glorious four days of sunshine. The tides were not that favourable but all the water-based activities were accomplished. Mini-golf and a swim at Kaiteriteri. AND of course the huge hike from Marahau to Anchorage. Lots of tired bodies but a refreshing dip at the end and a lovely Aqua Taxi ride home.

The same camp was done by rooms eight and ten the following week. A great time was had by all BUT the weather was against us. We had a lovely first day putting up the tents and sorting the camp. Swimming in the sea across the road and chilling out. The next day was cloudy and sunny. We had a great time at the inlet end of the beach, swimming and kayaking. BUT the next two days were very wet. The hike went ahead but there were a few cold drowned rats at the end, a lot of numb fingers and only a couple of 'hardly' types went in the water. The ride back was exciting, only because it was rough and most of the kids enjoyed the 'up and down' of the boats. No Mini-golf or swim... just back to school and home for a warm shower!

Room Six and Seven

Room Eight and Ten

Swimming has officially finished for the season. There were some very hot days where the pool was in high demand as a place to cool off and have some fun.

Both the senior and middle school held successful swimming sports with some of our top swimmers going on to compete against other local schools.

The senior event was held in the rain!!!

Photos coming soon.

Thanks to all who have made our first term another memorable one, both in and out of the classroom, and thanks to the parents and friends of the school for all their ongoing support.

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