Chess Tournament

We recently held a chess tournament at our school. Kurt has shared a great piece about the day. Thanks Kurt

Chess Power Tournament

I could feel the pressure mounting up on me wanting to make Clifton Terrace proud. Today was the annual Chess Power tournament held at Clifton Terrace School. There were two types of competition, Junior or Rookie. Junior means that you have been to a tournament before, Rookie means that it’s your first Chess tournament. The schools at the tournament were Mapua, Tahuna, Home school, Clifton Terrace, Hope, and Henley.

There were about 31 competitors.

My first game was meant to be up against a girl from Henley but the draw changed so I versed a boy from Henley. It was a close game but I beat him. Fletcher, Hogan, Troy, Dallas, James, and Arthur all won their first games. Corey stalemated his opponent which means it’s a draw. The next round I versed a girl. It was a close match. I got three Queens which means if I checkmate her I get a badge but I stalemated. Dallas and I stalemated but lots of kids from our school won their game. After that I was winning, got three Queens again, then I stalemated again! The third game was a tough game. Four moves in and I lost. Coming in to the last round before lunch on 2 points I had to win to have a chance to make it into the school team. Lucky for me I won like all my teammates to go to lunch on 3 points. I was also lucky that I got three Queen's badge.

During the lunch break, people got to have a chance to beat the master but nobody won. After the long break I won again. I was like “yes” to myself. Troy was the only teammate who lost. Final round. A win maybe to go into the final team. Had him beaten you think. I had a rook, bishop, and a king, he just had his king. I couldn't beat him I tried and tried but no it was a stalemate. Good for me, but bad for Fletcher and Hogan They both lost so maybe I had a chance after all.

Our Junior team came first. The team was Hogan, Dallas, Corey, and Arthur. Fletcher just missed out by rating. If I’d won a game instead of drawing or losing I would of made it into the team that could go to the Nationals. We will get another chance later in the year, so watch out. I am looking for more checkmates than stalemates next time!


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