Cross Country and More

Lots happening, as usual, here on the Terrace.

We had our annual cross country last week and once again it was a great success.

For the last several weeks classes have be out almost daily practising for this big event and it all paid off on an ideal morning and afternoon for cross country running.

The juniors ran in the morning with all the school out their cheering them on and it was then the middle and seniors turn in the afternoon.

We are extremely lucky to have large grounds at The Terrace that can accommodate a school wide event such as this. There are plenty of trees, tracks (up hill and down) an obstacle course and flat areas that give a great variety to the event and challenges all the runners.

It was a glorious mid winter’s day and relatively dry under foot. The children were enthusiastic and showed the Clifton Terrace way of giving things a go and persevering. For many it was a challenge and an opportunity to set some personal goals and strive for excellence. Well done to all the participants and especially to the winners and place getters at each age level. A big thanks to Wendy who organised the event and to all the parents and friends of the school who turned out to support the children. Congratulations to all the winners and especially to Hogan and Abby, the champion winners for 2018.

And here are the age group winners

A big congratulations to all, especially those children who went on to represent CTS at the inter-school cross country tournament.

Assembly last Friday was hosted by Room Eight and once again they put on a superb show. Some very interesting slideshows were shared. Booklets that were made for their junior buddy class on animals.

Four very classy, well written stories were shared. Not only a credit to the children themselves but a big wrap to their teacher, who obviously has been doing some great work helping the kids on their writing journey. Here is one to share.

The “Forest”

I always get goosebumps just by retelling this story but here goes...

The destruction of our home happened a long time ago back in the Australian countryside. We were so peaceful. You have to wonder what we did to deserve this.

It was a boiling hot day in the green, shaded forest. My koala friend and I, were going to this small river were we get our water from. My Koala friend, Buzz, taps me on the shoulder and whispers in my ear. “Did you hear that faint rumbling noise, Mate?”, he whispers. I reply with a simple no and we begin.

All of a sudden I begin to hear the rumbling noise like Buzz. Buzz gives my a concerned look and tells me that he’ll take a peek at top of the tree.

He leaves me alone and scampered up the tall nearby rotting tree. This tree was actually quite important because it was tallest one around. I couldn’t get up there because I was just a Kangaroo but I heard the view looked very nice. As soon as he managed to get up to the treetop, he saw a horrific sight.

“What are these ‘pooper scooper’ looking machines doing destroying our land!”, yelled Buzz. “They’re called Diggers”, I shouted. He still calls them pooper scoopers to this day.

At this point, I felt like a possum in the headlights. I think the possum next to me did too.

All of a sudden, the rotting Gum Tree fell over with Buzz on it. He miraculously survived but broke his leg on the way. “Ow, my blimmin’ leg!”, growled Buzz. “Get in my pouch and harden up, there ain’t no hospitals around here! Mate”, I Yelled.

When I looked up, I saw my land being crushed to smithereens. My home was no longer a home, but rather a pile of logs. Although through all of this chaos, Buzz was still complaining about his leg. “Shut your mouth Buzz, we’ve got bigger fish to fry now” I exclaimed. “But it hurts!”, whined Buzz. “I don’t care!”, I shouted. To be honest, Buzz is the kind of guy who wouldn’t give you his Heineken, no matter what. He’s not bad, just a little selfish.

I ran into what was left of the forest and that’s where I found my old friend, Terry the Termite. Terry was the best carver around and for good reason. He has won the bug carving contest seven years in a row. He can make signs in a snap, it is also his go-to catchphrase. “Oi mate, make us some signs”, said Buzz. “Ya got it, mate” exclaimed Terry.

The next minute, our signs were completed. Buzz’s one read, “Wood ya stop, mate?”, and my one read, “Log off the logs”.

Needless to say, we were ready to protest. We ran out there and yelled obnoxiously with our signs waving about. After all, that’s what protestors do, right?

Somehow, the people took a fussy Koala and a Kangaroo seriously and they all stopped. I’m still surprised that even worked. It happened so fast but at least they stopped.

Luckily, nothing like this has occurred ever since and I hope it stays that way forever. It was the most intense experience of my life.

By Silas aged 11years.

Further slideshows on endangered African Animals, that tie in with our up-coming production on 'The Lion King' were also shared along with some great art that the class did with their teacher on African Silhouettes.

So, well done Room Eight and their incredible teacher for a well run, slick and informative assembly.

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