The Lion King...A CTS Production 2018

The last three nights saw the culmination of many weeks and months of hard work by many many children and staff at CTS. This was the three sold out performance nights of our 2018 production, The lion King.

The children, under the guidance of Judy have been rehearsing for many months and their dedication and abilities came to the fore on all three nights with outstanding performances from all the cast.

The staff, parents and children have also been fully involved in costume, backdrop and prop making. A special thanks to Heather and Michelle for their fantastic backdrops and Mel and all her sewing crew for the fantastic costumes. Also to all the other staff who helped out in a multitude of ways to make this production one of, if not, the best ever, here on The Terrace.

The biggest thanks and kudos, though must go to the children, themselves, for being confident, showing perseverance, giving new things a go and expanding their horizons. AND of course to Judy for her vision, her talent, and her patience. Without you all, this would never have happened. WELL DONE ALL!!

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