Tidings From The Terrace

Wow, A lot has been happening here on The Terrace lately. Last week Room Eleven put on a very spooky Halloween themed assembly. Well done guys it was 'spooktacular'.

We also had a lot of other celebrations.

Firstly, the chess club. Four boys recently went to Auckland for a national tournament.

Here is Kurt's summary of the weekend.

"National Chess TournamentI could feel the pressure mounting up on me wanting to made Clifton Terrace proud. Today was the National Chess Power Tournament held at De La Salle College, Auckland. At the tournament there were three levels of competition, Primary, Intermediate, and College, There were schools from all over the country and over five hundred competitors. It was a two day tournament with an individual day on Saturday and a team event on Sunday. Our Clifton Terrace team consisted of Dallas, Troy, Hogan and I. We each played nines matches.Every team got a kit bag that had four berry juices and two packets of Mentos. First game up was a really hard game. In the end I lost. Hogan and Dallas both lost their games like me. Troy won his game. At this Tournament there was massive pressure mounting on top of Dallas Hogan and I because there is a chess cup in our school, so the person that had the highest rating by the end of the tournament would take the chess cup. I played an outstanding game to win the second game. Dallas and Troy both won their games but Hogan sadly lost again. I think it was pretty gut wrenching for Hogan to lose his first two games while everyone else in our team had won at least one game. Going into the third game having one win and a loss I desperately wanted to win but I lost, the same as everyone else in our Clifton team. Hogan was really unhappy about losing his first three but then Dallas’s big brother Jordan went over and was encouraging him to not give up and keep trying because in Jordan's first nationals he lost his first three games. That got Hogan started. Before the fourth round it was morning tea and you could go back and get more food any time you like. Going into the fourth round I was trying to get a win. I was beating this kid until I made some shocking moves and found myself on the back foot. I’d thought it was game over for me but then a miracle happened and I’d found myself with a stalemate which means a draw. Hogan finally got his first win, Troy lost and Dallas won so a pretty good round right there. Fifth round I lost again and Hogan won. Dallas and Troy lost as well. Sixth round I finally won my third game, Dallas won, Hogan won but Troy lost. Before the seventh game it was lunch. Seventh game hardly any games to go. I got beaten so did Dallas and Troy. Hogan was the only person who won their game. Eighth round with two games to go. The end is so close I can taste it. Hogan stalemated and Troy, Dallas and I lost as well. The final round. Trying my best to win but the game did not last long. I got beaten again and Hogan and Dallas won but Troy was not so lucky. So in the end Dallas got the highest score out of all of us with a four and a half out of nine games. So the Kelso cup might just go back to the Kelso’s

Kapa Haka: By Bea

"On Thursday week 2 the school kapa haka group went to stage one to perform. We had many songs to perform and for some of us it was the first time on stage.

We bussed there and then lined up and walked to the school of music. We thought we could watch from the audience but there wasn't enough seats so we had to wait in a room till we got called.

When the man called us we lined up and went on stage. We waited patiently while we got introduced then Hogan started the first song. It gave the audience chills because we sang it so well.

We had a variety of ages and sizes right from the new entrants to seniors. The seniors and juniors each had their own set of songs they sung by themselves and then some together. It was a great experience having a proper audience and singing on a stage, it gave us confidence and improved our singing.

Some of the songs we sung were utaina, te waka, aroha is love, purea nei, and tohora nui. That wasn’t all but if I named them all the list would go on. It was a big enjoyment for both the audience and the performers and we can’t wait until we perform again."

Rock Quest:

Our school band, tutored by Bryce, recently performed at the local Rockquest competition. Here is Liv's summary of the experience.

"At this year’s Rockquest was Liv, Finn, Corey, Ivy, Marnie and Mckenzie, sadly Shoei couldn't come. Rockquest is an exciting event were bands from different schools take their talent and share it with other bands. At the end of the day they draw out the band that wins a free electric guitar. It was very exciting. We went full of courage.

We hopped into Bryce’s car and were off. When we got there we grabbed all the instruments from the boot and walked on stage only to realize that we were the first band to play. We ended up playing two songs, an original song called ‘A Thousand Pieces’ and ‘The Nights’ by Avicii. For the rest of the day we listened to other bands play in the end we did not win but we had a great time."


The annual gym competition is if full swing at the moment. Congratulations to all the participants, and a special congratulations to all the medal winners and place getters. A big thanks to Glenys and Dene for all their time in coaching these enthusiastic athletes.

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